Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sign Language

We've been meaning to get a video of Gabriella doing sign language for awhile now but kept forgetting! We finally got it tonight. She can say a few more words that we caught on video, but all in all she does great learning signs. She usually will learn one the first or second time you show her and then use it repeatedly.

We started teaching her Sign Language when she was about 9 months old. It took her 3 days to learn "milk" and then 3 days later she learned "cheese" (mostly thanks to Uncle Jonny who wanted her to learn "cheese" first). It was really nice because at that point she stopped crying when she was hungry or thirsty. She could ask for specifically what she wanted. She used "milk" for a drink and "cheese" for food for a long time.

Around 10 months we started with a few other ones, "please", "thank you", and "water"

Now, at 20 months, she uses and remembers without prompting, how to sign: milk, cheese, water, please, thank you, more, all gone, chocolate, ice cream, strawberry, water, orange, apple, juice, watermelon, popcorn, and more.  


  1. Too cute:) We are planning to use sign language when we have another baby. By the time I learned about it with Joshua he was using a lot of words so we didn't need it, but it sure would have made things a lot easier when he was younger!

  2. She has fun with it even though she can say all the words that she can sign. I taught it to my 2nd & 3rd grade class at school. I'll bet your kiddos would love learning it now!