Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Smokey Haze and Fire Days

We had a ton (like 75) fires get started last week and the smoke started rolling in...
Friday night this was the view in Medford as you look north towards Grants Pass

Friday night in Medford again. 

Saturday night in Grants Pass looking out towards Cave Junction/Selma where the Labrador Fire is

Sunday the sky cleared for just a bit and we got a glimpse of blue sky in the early afternoon. 

Sunday night came and we haven't seen blue sky since (its Wednesday now)

Sunrise Tuesday morning. 

Pictures from one of the local news stations that shows where the fires are located. 

Wednesday afternoon. 
The air quality is well beyond the "hazardous" level. When you go outside it smells like you are standing right in front of a campfire that is blow smoke directly in your face. We have been hunkered down inside (aside from several trips to the doctor with Xander as he got croup, a crazy rash and 104 degree fevers) with the AC running (to filter the air) and a humidifier going to put moisture back in the air. We are praying for rain and a cool breeze!!

Today on the way to the doctor Gabriella said, "Momma, you need to take the fan outside and turn it on so it winds the smoke all away!" 

Every Kid Needs a Dad

We got home the other day and neither kid had taken a nap. Matt managed to get both of them carried into the house and they all three crashed out on the couch together while I made dinner. I could never sleep with both of them sprawled on me like that. Every kid needs a dad to be strong enough to always hold them!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So a couple weeks ago we headed out to my parents house to spend time with my cousin and her kiddos who were up visiting from California. On the way there we ran into Rite-Aid really fast. In the parking lot a lady stopped me and asked, "Are those your grandkids in the cart?" Oh my! This is a picture of me and how I looked. Pretty sure I'm not a gramma at 29!

It was crazy hot so we got out the slip-n-slide




The slip-n-slide got a hole in it so Xander took the hose and ran around chasing the other kids with it. 

Amelia, Nicholas and William trying to stay away from Xander

Then it was time for some rest so we watched some Magic School Bus. 

Gabriella crashed out sound asleep about 3 minutes down the road!

Vacation Day 6 ~ July 16, 2013

Tuesday morning we woke up early and said "good-bye" (boo!) to the Agnews and headed down the road. 
After what seemed like a million stops and meltdowns from Gabriella, we finally made it to the Enchanted Forest in Salem!

Matt and Xander going down the slide from the old woman who lived in a shoe's shoe!

Tee-pee fun!!

We found peep-holes in the cave walls

Xander loved "Chippy" and ran right up and gave him a huge hug and a million high-5s!
All of us with "Chippy" 

Me and Gabriella riding the kiddie train

Xander was enthralled by the light and water show 

Gabriella with a fairy

"It's a candy house!"

Xander didn't have to duck inside any of the tunnels. Fun for him, but hard for us to keep up with him!!

Matt trying to keep up with Xander

Xander picking the witch's nose!

Boys in the cave

Time to rehydrate 

The kids running through the crooked house!

Ready to hit the road

Xander loved the car he picked out with his money from Gramma

Gabriella got a mermaid with her money. 

We made it home! Woo hoo!! We had such a great vacation (best one ever as a married couple) and really felt blessed. God is so good to give us times of refreshing when we need them!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Vacation Day 5 ~ July 15th

We started the morning off by heading to Les Schwab to get one of our wheels fixed (long story!). We left the car, praying it wouldn't be too expensive to fix, and walked a few blocks over to super Walmart so the kids could run around and play in the toy section.

I found the kids and Matt sleeping like this in the middle of the night. Both kids had their feet underneath him! 

Xander had fun taking the balls out of the holder.

We met up with Ryan, Emily and Victory for lunch and then decided to head to a dairy-free coffee stand and gluten free bakery while the kids took naps in the car.

Big Foot Java!

The girls played in the pool together

Sweet Victory

Gabriella helped Emily by watering her plants

The guys chillin'

Xander chowed down on Ryan's bbq chicken. Mmmmmm!!

Bathtub Party!!

After we put the kids to bed us grown-ups stayed up til 1 am watching tv, talking and laughing. I love grown-up sleepovers!!

Plus they introduced us to Here Comes Honey BooBoo, lol!!

Vacation Day 4 ~ July 14th

Sunday morning we got to sleep in a bit (since we had gotten into our hotel at 2 am!) and got the kids up at 8:45. After breakfast and packing up, we headed to Champions Center in Tacoma to meet up with our great friends, The Agnews, and go to church with them. 

Church was awesome! It was so uplifting and everyone was so polite and friendly. We loved it (although Xander didn't love his Sunday School class. Matt spent most of the service with him in the nursing mom's room, lol!)

After lunch and a nap for all four of us. We headed to Gig Harbor for the Agnew's vow renewal service. 

My cute kiddos!

Silly kids!

Me and my girly!

All these pics of Gabriella I took in a less than a minute time period! 

Hanging out with daddy!

Our family!

One more reason why I love the Pac Northwest!

Emily squared!

Most delicious cupcakes ever! Could hardly believe they were GF!!

Such a special night! I felt so honored to be one of the few people invited to attend and witness the love that Ryan and Emily have for each other.