Friday, April 27, 2012

Gabriella and Xander

I was browsing through old pictures of the Munch and came across her first Easter picture. Such a cutie!

She wasn't too sure of that big duck next to her. 

Xander's first Easter

The kids look so much alike in their newborn pictures. Except for the fact that Xander is always the same size as Gabriella when he is 2-3 months younger than her! Such a big boy!! 

Here Gabriella is at 3 1/2 months using her hands to hold stuff. 

Xander started grabbing and holding stuff at 2 1/2 months. His smile is so big because he had just batted the toys in front of him for the first time. He is a very handsy guy! Always grabbing a hold of something and then getting it right up to his mouth or wiggling his fingers around on it. 

Gabriella eating carrots for the first time at 4 1/2 months

Xander eating rice cereal at 3 1/2 months

They look so much alike as babies it is so cute!! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Silly Little Man

Here are some of my favorite recent pictures of my little Xander Roo!

Chillin outside with daddy

Seriously, how am I ever going to tell this little cutie "no"?

My sweet little prince!

Just chewing on Scout's ear

Rolled over for the first time from back to tummy! He was so proud of himself and squealed with delight when he did it. It was the cutest thing!

Open Gym

My friend, Rebecca, had taken her daughter to kid's open gym a few times and invited us to join her this week. We dropped Xander off in the infant area and after a quick bathroom stop we headed into the gym.

Gabriella, Lucy and Ila

We found a mini trampoline and Gabriella immediately started jumping on it. 

They had a bunch of different sized mats, pads, etc and had a big string of them all lined up together. The kids had lots of fun crawling over them!

Crawling over the mats.

Rebecca with Lucy on the rope swing.

I had trouble getting Gabriella to hold still long enough to take a picture to send to daddy. Here she is trying to run back to the trampoline!

"Rolling and stacking"

Rolling inside the big circle mat. 

Hanging from the big bar. She is so strong!

Jumping on the big trampoline, another favorite thing she did!

We had a great time playing with the kids and visiting with other parents. Next time we want to take daddy so he can have fun playing too. It was fun to have some special time with just Gabriella and me and to see her have so much fun playing!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Silly Kiddos!

My kids are so silly! Here are a couple videos we took today!

Xander's little laugh is so adorable!!

And of course, Gabriella being her silly self!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist

Today was Gabriella's first trip to the dentist. They call it a "Happy Visit".

Auntie April works at a dental office (and they accepted our insurance) so we headed over this morning when Daddy could come along too!

She ran right behind the counter to see Auntie April and made herself quite at home. Here they are waving to mommy and Xander.

She had a lot of fun playing with the plastic animals in the waiting room. She told me which ones were mommies and which ones were daddies.

Me and Xander in the waiting room. 

In the fun chair with Daddy. She is pointing at the tv screen that is showing her pictures of Daddy's teeth. 
The stuffed monkey she is holding is awesome. It has big teeth in it and a tooth brush to brush its teeth with. April had gotten it down for her to play with when we got to the office and she held it on her lap the entire appointment. 

Helping the hygienist look at Daddy's teeth with the fancy mirror. 

Checking out her teeth with the fancy mirror. 

Overall she did really good. We were worried about a couple lines on her front teeth but the dentist said that they were only surface stains and that the rest of her teeth looked really good. She didn't have any black spots or signs of decay. He said that we were doing a really good job with her teaching her about good dental hygiene. Phew! Such a relief and blessing to hear! We will be going back in about 6 months to get her teeth cleaned when she is a little bit older and can sit still for longer. 

Thanks so much to Auntie April and the staff at Dr. Johnston's office. If you are in Grants Pass and need a dentist, check them out!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I've recently found a new activity, couponing! I'd always seen those shows on tv about people who scored crazy deals and wondered how they did that. I'm nowhere near to being an "extreme couponer", but I think I'm doing pretty good! As a stay at home mom, I need something to do all day (come on, none of us actually want to do all that housework our little ones create constantly). Here are some recent deals that Matt and I have gotten in the last couple weeks. (he's been a great sport about taking a pile of coupons to Target on his lunch break for me!)

4/12/12 Walmart
Paid: $3.98
Regular Price (before coupons and mail-in Rebates): $21.38

4/5/12 at Target
Paid: $11.92 
Regular Price: $22.44

4/4/12 At Walmart
Paid $3.92 for everything
Regularly: $10.90

3/27/12 Harbor Freight
Paid $3.21 for everything
Regularly: $28.57

3/23/12 at Michaels
Paid $6.06 for both 
Regular Price before coupons & Sales was $24.98

4/12/12 at Target
Regular Price:$19.93

I'd like to think we are doing pretty good. 
Most of the deals that I get are from the website
Its great because I always wondered how you could use multiple coupons on the same item, load coupons up and get great freebies to. On this website she outlines exactly how to put in store coupons together with manufacturers coupons and pair them up with great sales. For example, all the GreenWorks products in the picture right above. I had coupons for $2 off each of them, used them at a sale with a promo for "buy three products get free dish soap". So it was a mega deal! 

If you are at all interested in couponing, even just a little bit, I highly recommend the hip2save website. She also posts links for freebies and other great deals (such as free shipping and mega internet sales). 

Also, if you come across any couponing tips or things that work really well for you, please let me know!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Weekend

Whew! What a crazy, busy weekend! 

Matt took us out for breakfast. It was nice to go out just the four of us and spend some time together!

After breakfast and nap we headed over to Gramma's house to play with James. Mom and dad got a new dryer this past week and saved the box it came in for the kids to make a house with ( you know you remember loving that as a kid!). Here I am taking a picture through the "sunroof"  of mom, James and Gabriella inside it together. 

Dinner was yummy and then it was time for dyeing eggs. The kids helped Gramma put the colors in the cups. 

Here's Xander with his egg. He is also sporting some of the decorative stickers on his face. 

"This egg is yellow!"


Silly Grampa and Munchie!

Gabriella spent most of her time coloring eggs coloring the same egg in two different cups. She would take it out of one and then put it in the other then back into the first one, etc. So silly!

The kids got bored and the "big kids" finished up the eggs!

Easter morning. Xander is very excited! 

After church we headed back to Gramma's for more fun. Here's James standing on top of the box house. 

James tickling cousin Xander. 

Our family!

Riding a big girl bike!

Hunting for eggs! She knew what to do this year and got right to business!

"Purple egg! It is so cute!"

"Oooooh! Money!"

A little video of the egg hunt. Be sure to listen for Jonathan singing in the background. 




(Matt had my camera and took all the close up shots)

Grampa Ace and Uncle Lowell watching the egg hunt. 
We thought it was hilarious that they both squeezed onto the step to sit together. 

Jonathan showing how bullet casings can be used as nose plugs. 

All four grandkids

Playing baseball. 
April is up  to bat while James looks on from 3rd base.

Jonathan and Matt both trying to catch the ball. 

Gramma Goldie taking a go at it! I'm pretty sure this was a home-run shot! 

At home and ready for bed. She is wearing Daddy's shirt and showing me her number one from her number puzzle. 

Such a busy, crazy weekend. It is nice to spend time with family and enjoy the life that we have in Jesus. We shared with our kids about Jesus and the resurrection story this morning and then at church when we took communion Gabriella yelled, "Thank you, Jesus!" 
Its so special to me to see my kids growing up and loving Jesus already, He truly has given us all abundant life!