Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Weekend

Whew! What a crazy, busy weekend! 

Matt took us out for breakfast. It was nice to go out just the four of us and spend some time together!

After breakfast and nap we headed over to Gramma's house to play with James. Mom and dad got a new dryer this past week and saved the box it came in for the kids to make a house with ( you know you remember loving that as a kid!). Here I am taking a picture through the "sunroof"  of mom, James and Gabriella inside it together. 

Dinner was yummy and then it was time for dyeing eggs. The kids helped Gramma put the colors in the cups. 

Here's Xander with his egg. He is also sporting some of the decorative stickers on his face. 

"This egg is yellow!"


Silly Grampa and Munchie!

Gabriella spent most of her time coloring eggs coloring the same egg in two different cups. She would take it out of one and then put it in the other then back into the first one, etc. So silly!

The kids got bored and the "big kids" finished up the eggs!

Easter morning. Xander is very excited! 

After church we headed back to Gramma's for more fun. Here's James standing on top of the box house. 

James tickling cousin Xander. 

Our family!

Riding a big girl bike!

Hunting for eggs! She knew what to do this year and got right to business!

"Purple egg! It is so cute!"

"Oooooh! Money!"

A little video of the egg hunt. Be sure to listen for Jonathan singing in the background. 




(Matt had my camera and took all the close up shots)

Grampa Ace and Uncle Lowell watching the egg hunt. 
We thought it was hilarious that they both squeezed onto the step to sit together. 

Jonathan showing how bullet casings can be used as nose plugs. 

All four grandkids

Playing baseball. 
April is up  to bat while James looks on from 3rd base.

Jonathan and Matt both trying to catch the ball. 

Gramma Goldie taking a go at it! I'm pretty sure this was a home-run shot! 

At home and ready for bed. She is wearing Daddy's shirt and showing me her number one from her number puzzle. 

Such a busy, crazy weekend. It is nice to spend time with family and enjoy the life that we have in Jesus. We shared with our kids about Jesus and the resurrection story this morning and then at church when we took communion Gabriella yelled, "Thank you, Jesus!" 
Its so special to me to see my kids growing up and loving Jesus already, He truly has given us all abundant life!

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