Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vacation Day 6 ~ July 16, 2013

Tuesday morning we woke up early and said "good-bye" (boo!) to the Agnews and headed down the road. 
After what seemed like a million stops and meltdowns from Gabriella, we finally made it to the Enchanted Forest in Salem!

Matt and Xander going down the slide from the old woman who lived in a shoe's shoe!

Tee-pee fun!!

We found peep-holes in the cave walls

Xander loved "Chippy" and ran right up and gave him a huge hug and a million high-5s!
All of us with "Chippy" 

Me and Gabriella riding the kiddie train

Xander was enthralled by the light and water show 

Gabriella with a fairy

"It's a candy house!"

Xander didn't have to duck inside any of the tunnels. Fun for him, but hard for us to keep up with him!!

Matt trying to keep up with Xander

Xander picking the witch's nose!

Boys in the cave

Time to rehydrate 

The kids running through the crooked house!

Ready to hit the road

Xander loved the car he picked out with his money from Gramma

Gabriella got a mermaid with her money. 

We made it home! Woo hoo!! We had such a great vacation (best one ever as a married couple) and really felt blessed. God is so good to give us times of refreshing when we need them!!

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