Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fun with Cousin James

Today we got to pick up James in the morning and have him hang out with us for a few hours. It was a fun treat!

I decided to be brave and go out in public without a scarf or wig on today. So Gabriella and I rocked a headband! 

All three kids were very excited to see each other. We had a 30 minute car ride back to my house (and my kids had already been in the car for 30 minutes) so I put Madagascar 2 on our portable dvd player. Matt and I both strongly believe that is our wisest investment, lol!

Spinning together!

The kids basically spazzed for 3 hours. They ran around the house hollering and laughing and playing (like kids do) and were having a great time. Things got quiet for a minute while I was getting lunch ready so I glanced to the livingroom to see what was going on. James was laying on the floor and Xander had laid on top of him and was sucking his thumb. It was SO precious!

After lunch and a Veggie Tales video, it was back to craziness before 1:30 when April came to pick James up before the kids' naptime (phew! I needed a nap too!)
They were trying to use the exercise bike together. When I told James that his daddy and I use to play on this bike when we were kids at Gramma and Grampa's house he asked, "wow! How old is that bike?!"

James was licking his toes so of course everyone else wanted to try. Xander kept rolling over when he got his toes up to his mouth. I was laughing SO hard! 

It took Gabriella a few tries but she finally made it

James posed for this one and said, "send a picture to my dad of this!"

All in all we had a great time. It is nice being a stay at home mom and being available to be a back-up babysitter. I love it! The kids all got along great and it was so fun to watch them running around being crazy together! Cousins are the best!

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