Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation Day 2 ~ July 12th

The kids woke up early today so we took turns taking them down to get some breakfast. 
Matt and the kids watching some tv while I packed up for the day. 

This is what happens when you follow your GPS to a random park in Portland, lol!

We finally made it to Washington Park (right next to the Portland Zoo) and let the kids loose. The playground was big and fun and friendly for both grown ups and little kids. A great free activity to do!!

We took a little walk along the nature trail. It was mostly shady and fun to look at all the different plants and flowers. 

Our family! 

Matt climbed up the hill a bit and took the kids with him. 

Us girlies!

We also made a stop at New Cascadia Gluten Free Bakery. 

The kids loved sharing their cupcake!

The kids had fun playing at the rehearsal for the wedding. 
Genevieve (the bride) took us over to feed some of the alpacas. They didn't get more than a couple feet from us though. Xander grabbed a big handful of their food, and after trying to eat it, he kept holding out his hand to them to try and get them to eat it. I set him down on the ground and he took off running towards the alpacas who ran from him. He laughed and chased them even more. It was so funny!!!

My pretty girly with the hydrangeas! 

Rehearsal dinner was delicious!! We got to go to a pizza place with a salad bar and GF pizza!! Yummers!!

I love how both my kids love to eat healthy!! 

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