Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ear Piercing

Gabriella has asked to get her ears pierced many times over the last two years. Recently she has been asking almost every day. I was going to try and wait to get them pierced for her 4th birthday in February, but she asked Matt today and he said, "yes" (dads, *sigh* why must they be so fun?!)

I had trouble finding a place in Grants Pass that wasn't a tattoo parlor (no way I was taking my 3 year old into a tattoo parlor to get her ears pierced!), but we found a salon that did them and had an opening today.

She was very excited about them! Matt was supposed to be the one holding her while she got them pierced, but she asked to sit on my lap.

Getting ready to do the first side....

All done with both! She wasn't too sure about the nice lady anymore after they were done. 
She only cried a little (I was expecting some screaming and a struggle to get the second ear done) and we were off. 

"I look just like a little momma!"

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