Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Smokey Haze and Fire Days

We had a ton (like 75) fires get started last week and the smoke started rolling in...
Friday night this was the view in Medford as you look north towards Grants Pass

Friday night in Medford again. 

Saturday night in Grants Pass looking out towards Cave Junction/Selma where the Labrador Fire is

Sunday the sky cleared for just a bit and we got a glimpse of blue sky in the early afternoon. 

Sunday night came and we haven't seen blue sky since (its Wednesday now)

Sunrise Tuesday morning. 

Pictures from one of the local news stations that shows where the fires are located. 

Wednesday afternoon. 
The air quality is well beyond the "hazardous" level. When you go outside it smells like you are standing right in front of a campfire that is blow smoke directly in your face. We have been hunkered down inside (aside from several trips to the doctor with Xander as he got croup, a crazy rash and 104 degree fevers) with the AC running (to filter the air) and a humidifier going to put moisture back in the air. We are praying for rain and a cool breeze!!

Today on the way to the doctor Gabriella said, "Momma, you need to take the fan outside and turn it on so it winds the smoke all away!" 

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