Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh, Little Man!

Xander started sleeping in a big boy bed. It's right next to ours and when he wakes up in the night he just crawls into bed with us. Its a start. 
Sunday our little man got a fever of 104.6 and it only went down to 101 with medicine. So Monday morning we headed to the doctor (aka our second home). 

Poor little guy felt terrible. He had croup (again!). 

We went back on Wednesday because he got a rash all over his back. The doctor wasn't sure if it was viral or related to the steroids he was taking (thanks to my allergic reaction to steroids). Here he is looking out the window at the doctor's office. It is so smokey here. 

We rented some videos at the video store. Since Xander's rash is likely viral, we can't be around anyone until he is fever free and the rash hasn't spread for 24 hours. The kids were so cute this morning snuggled up on the couch together watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. 

Our little guy needs to be healed! He seems to get croup every other month since he's been born. His tracheomalacia is doing so much better and we thought his respiratory problems would clear up when that did. But he still just struggles with his breathing some days and gets sick SO easily (which is crazy because I am still nursing him three times a day. I can't imagine how much sicker he would be if I hadn't breastfed him!). We appreciate all your prayers and encouraging words over him!

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