Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun at School and Gramma's House

Yesterday we ran a quick errand to Walmart and then out to the school to visit Gramma, Grampa and cousin James. 

My couponing trip. I made $.19 profit on $87 worth of products!!

Xander was helping Auntie Jill doing her computer work!

"We are just sitting together on the bench"

Mmmmmm, drinking fountain!
Xander loves to do things by himself now. After he got done getting himself a drink he got to run around shirtless because his shirt was soaked down to his belly-button!

James was making me a hamburger. Mmmmmm!

James had a runny nose and decided to be silly! 

James also made himself a new pair of shoes, lol!! Mom and I were laughing so hard watching him try and walk around in them! He is such a fun and silly kid! I'm so glad we have gotten to spend so much extra time with him this summer!!

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