Friday, August 23, 2013

Stuck and the Park

Matt is going to be leaving on Sunday for 5 days of training in Lake Forest for his new IT job!! (no, we aren't ready to spill the beans on specific details yet!). I am SO proud of him and how hard he has worked the last three years; working full time in Medford, commuting, having two kids, owning our own home and getting his bachelor's degree online!! Just can't brag about him enough!!

Anyways, Gabriella has been begging for days to go visit daddy at work and since he is going to be gone all next week I decided to run over today and surprise him!

We picked him up at lunch time and headed to the park to play. We ate in the car on the way over (leftovers from last night in Mason jars) and then were ready to play!!

Just hanging out with Daddy!
Xander is SO strong! He will hang onto bars for as long as you leave him there. 

Swinging with Daddy. I just love this picture! I love how Xander is so cuddled up to Matt and holding onto him so tight!

My sweet princess!!

Okay, so I tried to crawl into the kiddie swing (I had talked Chloe into getting into it last year) and thought it would be funny. It is made of hard plastic, not rubber like they usually are. I seriously got stuck and couldn't get out! I called for Matt to come help me get out and he took my phone out of my pocket and took a picture before helping me out. My knee got hurt SO bad from it! Ugh! Oh well, we had a good laugh over it and I will probably get stuck in another one again eventually....

Adventurous little man. He LOVES being outside!!

On our way to take Matt back to work I wanted to get a picture of us. He wanted to be silly, so I had to settle for this one. 

The kids and I ran to Natural Grocers and Trader Joe's after dropping Matt off (we hit Target on the way over. Hey, I gotta get some couponing in if we are going to Medford, lol!). We picked out a treat at TJ's. 

Xander LOVED his!
(I did not love cleaning up the mess!)

Sweet girlie! She talked Daddy into letting her wear his hat home when we dropped off his cupcake for him. I love how much my kids love their daddy!

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