Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Yesterday cousin James hung out with us all day. We all had a blast!

We picked James up at Auntie April's dental office and since it wasn't terribly hot out, I swung by the All Sports Park on our way home.

Gabriella was considerable more adventurous this trip. 

Boys on the slide

My beauty!

Little monkey!


Silly kids!

James managed to walk himself out that far on the bar with his arms. He was quite proud of himself. 

Xander wanted to hang too

Then he let go with one hand and hung on with just one for a good 20 seconds before I rescued him. 

Gabriella actually went down all the slides this time. 

After some crazy playing at home, the kids asked for a snack and all picked apples. 

James said, "Let's have a meeting." He was in the middle of telling everyone no hitting, no kicking, no punching, no smacking..." when both my kids started laughing. Gabriella started to kick him and Xander started punching, which led to lots of giggles and a repeat of the "meeting" several times over. 

Holding his apple like cousin James did. 

Triple bunk bed!

Time for some snuggles and rest while I cooked lunch. 

After about 45 minutes of "quiet time" we got out the wooden castle pieces. James built quite the tower. 

Gabriella is all packed and ready to move, lol!

Trying to pick up James when he was in the box. 

Xander had a short nap. He sat on the couch and ate some cheddar bunny crackers Uncle Jonathan had sent for a treat while he watched Gabriella and James play crazy with the boxes! 

They both managed to squeeze into the box together. 

It is always lots of fun when we get to spend time with cousin James!

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