Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Child is NOT a Monster!

I know that look well. The one that one parent gives another when my kid comes around to play. I've seen it too often. I've heard too many whispers about her behind my back, and heard too many comments about her behavior and the way I am raising her. I don't feel the need to "justify" myself or my children to others, but here is my response.

"She's so aggressive!"
She isn't aggressive, she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to do anything she wants to get it. She is going to be unstoppable when she gets older and learns how to control herself better. I see her as being determined, quick, and enthusiastic.

"What is up with all those emotional outbursts?"
Yes, all children have emotional outbursts. It's because they are children! When my child has an emotional outburst, I see it as being because she is so passionate and feels so strongly about something. I love encouraging her passions!

"Ugh, she is SO bossy!"
She isn't bossy, she has good leadership skills. The world needs leaders who are passionate, determined, who won't back down, who have a good foundation, and who have good morals and Godly character.

"She made my child start hitting."
My child is a leader. She is a trend-setter. She has a quality that makes others want to follow her. She is a teacher. She didn't "make" anyone do anything. I am raising children who know how to be leaders, not followers!

"Her words hurt my kid's feelings."
My child isn't perfect, no one's kid is, and no adult is. She is quick with her words and she is also quick with her apology. Her sensitive heart is quick to respond either one way or the other. Part of growing up is learning to respond first in love. She is still growing!

I have heard and seen a lot of negative words and treatment towards my "monster" child. It makes me sad. If we treated children the way we perceive them as behaving with our worldly eyes, they will never grow into the adults that God is calling them to be. We as parents HAVE to call out the gold in our children! We have to encourage their strong character qualities instead of always focusing on the negative side of their actions.

Next time you see someone's "monster child" on the playground or in Sunday School, take a moment and ask God what beneficial character quality they are expressing and then encourage their parent by saying that you saw their child acting that way, instead of whispering behind their backs about it. Raising an emotional, aggressive, bossy, hitting, quick worded kid is not easy.

 I am CHOOSING not to raise a monster, but to raise a Godly, passionate, unstoppable leader with a tender heart!

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  1. Munch has a sweet heart. When you were at the office with them and were about to leave she said to me,"I like you." It was said with such a sweet sincerity that it just melted my heart. You have a good kid there. Keep up the good work. P.S. She has good taste too. LOL