Sunday, August 18, 2013


My parent's garden needed the tomatoes picked and no one wanted them. So I took them home and me and my "helpers" set to work dicing them up to can. 
The kids used butter knives to "cut" them. It mostly meant they smooshed them and then tossed big wads of them into the bowl of diced ones. 

Gabriella mostly eats everything she cuts up. She LOVES tomatoes!

Xander was very excited to get to help. This was his first time getting to use a knife. 

All done! We got 11 pints of fresh, organic, homegrown tomatoes canned up. They are so good to put in soups in the winter time!!

Tomatoes are SO easy to can! Dice them up, toss them in jars with 1 T of lemon juice (per pint) and then pressure cook at 11 pounds for 10 minutes (pressures vary by altitude so be sure to consult your pressure canner's book before you can them). Easy peasy! 

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