Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Fun

It was crazy hot this weekend! Ugh! We spent a lot of time inside in the air conditioning (which I am super thankful for!!)

Friday night mom, Gramma, Gabriella and I headed to the theater to see Monster University in 3D. (I had two free tickets of course) We had a great time!!!

Silly girlie in her glasses!

Saturday morning I hosted my Carefree Couponing Workshop with my sister in law. It was good. We had a great time and it went really good. We are looking forward to having another one. 

The kids spent the morning with Matt and then it was naptime at my mom's.

Crashed out!

Gabriella took forever to go to sleep! I took this video of her while I was lying on the bed next to Xander. The silly things kids do when no one is watching them. 

Saturday night was my Shake Your Udis Boogie Your Buns house party! James was showing off his tattoo and bracelet. 

Mmmmmm, BBQ!

Our House Party guests!

After dinner we went swimming. Here is Xander's first time wearing a lifejacket. 

And sound asleep Saturday night. He is the biggest bed hog ever!!!

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