Friday, July 26, 2013

Vacation Day 5 ~ July 15th

We started the morning off by heading to Les Schwab to get one of our wheels fixed (long story!). We left the car, praying it wouldn't be too expensive to fix, and walked a few blocks over to super Walmart so the kids could run around and play in the toy section.

I found the kids and Matt sleeping like this in the middle of the night. Both kids had their feet underneath him! 

Xander had fun taking the balls out of the holder.

We met up with Ryan, Emily and Victory for lunch and then decided to head to a dairy-free coffee stand and gluten free bakery while the kids took naps in the car.

Big Foot Java!

The girls played in the pool together

Sweet Victory

Gabriella helped Emily by watering her plants

The guys chillin'

Xander chowed down on Ryan's bbq chicken. Mmmmmm!!

Bathtub Party!!

After we put the kids to bed us grown-ups stayed up til 1 am watching tv, talking and laughing. I love grown-up sleepovers!!

Plus they introduced us to Here Comes Honey BooBoo, lol!!

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