Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So a couple weeks ago we headed out to my parents house to spend time with my cousin and her kiddos who were up visiting from California. On the way there we ran into Rite-Aid really fast. In the parking lot a lady stopped me and asked, "Are those your grandkids in the cart?" Oh my! This is a picture of me and how I looked. Pretty sure I'm not a gramma at 29!

It was crazy hot so we got out the slip-n-slide




The slip-n-slide got a hole in it so Xander took the hose and ran around chasing the other kids with it. 

Amelia, Nicholas and William trying to stay away from Xander

Then it was time for some rest so we watched some Magic School Bus. 

Gabriella crashed out sound asleep about 3 minutes down the road!

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