Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation Day 3 ~ July 13

Saturday morning the kids slept in a little longer so that was a nice change! We got ready, packed up, and headed to Tula for some breakfast!

The kids sitting at the kid table. 

Enjoying his banana flax bread and some water

After breakfast we headed to the Loyd Center to pick up Matt's suit and let the kids run around in the play area. 

Xander's fav toy (again) was the ambulance

Gabriella had so much fun jumping off the giant bandaid

Using the giant stethoscope!

Matt getting his temperature checked!

Yeah, I work out!

Lunch at Red Robin! 

Gabriella likes to take silly pictures!

Matt got a GIANT burger!

Xander fell asleep on the way to the wedding

U-Pick berries! There were so many organic produce places when we took a detour to Sauvvies Island. I wish we had that variety around here!


More Hay!

All dressed up and waiting for the wedding to start

Love these two!!!

Beautiful family!

My two fav guys!!

Yes, that is Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. 

Me and my love!

Gabriella enjoyed playing with her silverware

What a fun treat! I had a strawberry-peach margarita and Matt had a beer. 

Fun in the photo-booth!

How Xander will look in 20 years!

"I catched my Brodder!"

What can I say, the boy loves his accessories! 

Bride and Groom's first dance. So sweet!

Gabriella doing her "hotdog" dance and joined by the bride's uncle. So funny! They danced a long time and this is the tale end of it. 

Gabriella's self-portrait!

Dancing with daddy!

The wedding was beautiful and so much fun! I was apprehensive about going because I only knew the bride and groom, no one else, but everyone was so nice!! I felt very welcome and had a blast! 

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