Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back on the Blog-Wagon

Things have been crazy busy lately and my uploader for my phone's camera changed all my file names to Chinese (yes, we bought it online from China) so I lost all my pictures :( Anyways, here are a few of the things we have been up to in the last month!

I got some free masking tape and let Gabriella play with a roll. She had a blast taping up Matt with it!

Xander loves chili! He also loves to ingest it with his entire body!
We take a lot of baths after meals.

Xander has turned into a little monkey. He climbs on everything! Gabriella insisted on taking a picture of him with her camera. She was saying, "Smile, bud!"

We had Xander's check-up with his ENT doctor. He is doing good, we are just to keep an eye on him as usual (for his lips or fingers turning blue, stopping breathing in the night, developmental problems, etc.). They thought he would have outgrown his tracheomalacia by now so we will be back in 8 months to check on him again. Hopefully he will outgrow it by age two!
We've had his lips turn blue on us twice in the last two months, but they always pink back up after a short time. I also have had to shake him a bit (quite a  few times) to get him to start breathing again at night. I'm so ready for him to be healed! This is has been so stressful! I hate listening to him breathe at night, or waking up feeling panicky because I can't hear him breathing. 
He also managed to get croup again *sigh* 
Okay, enough venting, moving on....

We got the Little People out of the garage and spread them out in the livingroom. Both kids loved them!!

I talked my  mom into a midnight couponing run to Walgreens on Thanksgiving morning!

Here's what I got at Walgreens (mom got the same stuff too)
I made $.61 by getting it! Regular price was $127.55 for all of it!
So happy my mom went with me! It was her first couponing trip and the biggest one I put together by myself. 
Good times!!

Matt set up Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving. Gabriella calls it her party. Everytime we get home and they are turned on she says, "Can I visit my party now?"

Gabriella helped me decorate our tree. 
We put it on the table this year so the kids weren't getting into it every two seconds!

All my November freebies in the mail!!

Xander discovered that he loves hats!!

Playing with the ornaments on Gramma's tree...

My silly kids!!! Love them to pieces!!

Well, that's what we've been up to in the last month. Matt only has to work tomorrow and then gets 10 days off for vacation! We are so excited to have some fun family time and celebrate Christmas with all our family members! We are so blessed to have such great family that lives to close to us!!

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