Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

Nothing says "fall" to me like going to a pumpkin patch and through a corn maze. It didn't use to be such a big deal to me, but the first fall I was pregnant I felt this strong urge that it was important to go. Matt and I went to the only one in the small town we lived in and it was full of fake spiders and skeletons! I am terribly afraid of spiders and all things creepy!! Matt was the hero of the day and carried me (5 months pregnant at the time) through the entire maze so I could cover my eyes!! Now we always make sure that the ones we go to are not scary with their decorations!!

Last year we went to Bailey Vegetables and this year we decided to try Craven Farms. 
It was pouring rain when we left Kent and gorgeous sunshine when we got to Snohomish.  God blessed us with the weather!

We went through the 15 acre, yes it was 15 acres, corn maze and then wandered through the pumpkin patch. All the corn mazes up here are huge!

Me and my girlie getting ready for the maze!

The kiddos at the start of the maze. The theme was "Alice in Pumpkin Land"

She is such a card!

Xander didn't quite understand the way the cut-out posing stations worked....

Xander and I being Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Matt playing the world's biggest croquet game

Xander's turn to be the leader. We let the kids take turns picking which way we went at junctions. That meant we wandered the maze for a good hour and half. 

Xander found a fallen cornstalk and walked around carrying it like his royal scepter. 

Our family selfie. 
(Gabriella loves taking selfies and randomly asks throughout the day to take them)

Our usual silly picture. 
I just love this one of us! It is so "us"!

Who doesn't like smooching in the middle of a gigantic corn maze?

Of course we opted for the longer route....

Xander loved this picture of the March Hare and wanted his picture taken with it. I am loving how much his personality is coming out these days!

We finally made it out of the maze and headed to the pumpkin patch. 
Some of the pumpkins had huge stems on them! 

Gabriella with the perfect pumpkin she picked out

Xander wandered around for a very long time looking for a pumpkin he wanted. We told the kids that they had to be able to pick up the pumpkin all by themselves that they wanted to get. 

Showing me very proudly that he could carry his pumpkin all by himself!

All done and eating a freshly picked apple while daddy wheeled them up to the front gate. 

The clouds were just starting to roll back in as we headed home. God blessed us with such a beautiful day! 

It has been a rough couple of weeks for us filled with lots of tears (from everyone). I am so thankful for today and the wonderful time that God blessed us with! His love goes on forever!

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