Sunday, September 11, 2011

Washing the Car & Making "Gookies"

Gabriella loves to be involved in everything that we are doing! Tonight Matt decided to wash my car!!

She rinsed that mirror for about 5 minutes!

Scrubbing off the icky dirt

Taking time to stay hydrated.

A couple days ago we decided to bake cookies ("gookies")
Gabriella was a good little helper. She does an amazing job of listening and following directions when we are doing projects so I love having her help me with stuff.
We made gluten free shortbread cookies (I was feeling lazy so we used Bob's Red Mill mix).

She helped me hold the electric mixer and then we mixed the rest of the dough by hand. I showed her how to use the rolling pin and she went to town, rolling it back and forth very carefully.

Next we got out the cookie cutters (we are learning our shapes) and she did a great job punching out cookies. We were too busy eating them to take a picture of the finished product!

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  1. Very cool. What a great helper. Wonderful that you let her help. Good for her and you.