Thursday, January 12, 2012

Xander's First Two Weeks

My little man is two weeks old today! Its been a couple of crazy weeks, but we couldn't be happier!
Gabriella loves Xander and was constantly wanting to hold him.

Matt had a couple vacation days left and made good use of them...

First doctor's visit! 4 days old

Sweet sleepy chuckles!

Having some snuggle time with Daddy. This was on Daddy's last vacation day

Our first day at home with just the three of us. 

Little silly pants! This is how she posed for a picture to send to Gramma

She loves holding brother and asks multiple times a day!

Day 13, this was how the first 6 hours after getting circumcised went. Poor little man :(

But he woke up happy in the morning! Two weeks old today

How Gabriella would look with a beard! Ha ha! She had just finished a gluten-free Oreo. 

I love my kiddos! Its amazing, I was getting terrified about having two of them when Gabriella was so young still, but so far so good. Gabriella and I have had lots of laughs during the day when we are trying to figure out getting her to the toilet fast enough while I am nursing, cleaning up after Xander's spit-ups and watching Veggie Tales together. She is a good sport and has managed to successfully take herself potty twice (she has been unsuccessful many more times than that!). Both times she was very proud of herself and wanted to call daddy to tell him about it. 

My house is a mess, the laundry pile is growing by the minute, and I am so tired I could fall over and sleep for two weeks! But I couldn't be happier!!


  1. I love Gabriella's smile when she is holding Xander:) Too cute!

  2. Count it all joy. In this case it mostly is joy. I love the picture of Matt and Xander at the doctor's.