Sunday, February 12, 2012

Matt's Birthday Weekend

We had some last minute change of plans to Matt's birthday this weekend. So we improvised and ended up having a wonderful time!

We started off a day early and made him some pre-birthday cookies (see previous blog).

On his actual birthday, Gabriella colored him a giant Happy Birthday sign but he got off work early that day so we didn't get to hang it up for him :(

We went out to dinner with some good friends, and Matt got to have the restaurant crew sing to him while he wore the awesome birthday sombrero.

Followed by the traditional birthday shot of tequila!

Saturday we visited Matt's grandparents in the morning and then headed to my parents house for dinner. We made personal pizzas. James and Gabriella are helping Gramma sample everything. 

Jonathan and James finished their pizzas first. My mom had some giant cookie cutters so they used them to make teddy-bear and Christmas tree shaped pizzas. 

Here is Gabriella making her teddy-bear shape. 

Putting on the toppings was fun!

Here we are, ready to put them in the oven. 

Matt making his pizza. 

Jonathan and James did a Spiderman puzzle while they waited for their pizzas to cook. 

The guys eating their pizzas. 

Mmmmm! Teddy-bear pizza!

Yummy olives!

Xander helping mommy eat hers!

We finished the evening with some delicious black-bean cake that I made. I forgot to take a picture of it :(
We had a really nice weekend just hanging out with good friends and family. 

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