Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day and Felicity's 1st Birthday

We've had a busy weekend! On Saint Patrick's Day we had both of Matt's sisters and their kiddos over for dinner and to hang out. The kids had fun using all my giant stuffed animals to make a tower/blockade in the hallway. Here is an awesome video of Gabriella and Brannon trying to jump over it.

Joshua was all tuckered out after the battle

Sunday was Felicity's first birthday. This is Gabriella wearing her masquerade mask she got in her goodie bag. 

Matt wearing Gabriella's mask. She kept calling him "Pider Man" (Spider Man)

Trying to open the pinata by pulling on the ribbons

Hunter trying to find the right ribbon. 

It was so much fun celebrating and spending some quality time with Matt's family! 
Here's my little man on his first St. Patrick's Day. 
Such a sweet little leprechaun!!  

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