Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vineyard School Carnival & Weekend Fun with Cousins

Friday night was the annual Vineyard Christian School Carnival. This year it was so much fun because Gabriella actually understood playing the games, not that she was necessarily good at them, but she understood them.
Frisbee Toss

So excited with Daddy!

Gabriella in the bouncy castle. She LOVED it and kept asking to go in it!

Showing her prizes she bought from the store with her "funny money"

Xander with Gramma at the carnival

Saturday we headed over to my mom's house for the day to spend time with my cousin Jessica and her hubby and their three kiddos. It was relatively nice outside so we all went out to play! 

Gabriella riding the scooter in her awesome pink helmet!

Me and my little man!

The picture of Gramma that Jonathan drew. Gabriella added a beard and James gave her a shark fin neck.

Gabriella trying to play ball with a bat for the first time. 

Time to wind down with stories read by Uncle Brad

Silly girl with Big Grampa!

After dinner the kids all decorated cupcakes for dessert.

Gabriella eating hers

Ariella with hers

James just licked all the frosting off his...

Grampa ace & Uncle Lowell with their birthday cake!

Sunday morning we were over to play again. We started the morning watching "Phonics Farm"

Fun jumping on the bed!

Playing some pogs (oh yeah, we still have ours!)

Ariella and I dying our hair. 
This was her first time ever coloring hair and I let her do mine!

Letting the color set in

All done! I just did a streak of colors and Ariella did her bangs. Amelia (my cousin)'s words were, "You two are crazy! Why would anyone want to do that to their hair?!"

It was a super fun and relaxing weekend! I love my family and spending time with them!!

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