Monday, July 2, 2012

June Freebie and Coupon Wrap Up

June was a great month for couponing! I am so stocked up on EVERYTHING that it is crazy (and I am loving it!) Here are some perks that we have found since I have been couponing/getting free samples:
1. Our gas bill was 10% lower in the month of June
2. I haven't had to run to the store ONCE all month because I just needed one thing
3. Our monthly expenses were $200 lower than normal (score!)
4. Seeing a cashier's jaw drop at my purchase total is priceless
5. Gabriella yells when she sees coupons now "I see coupons!"
6. I only have to go to each store once per week

Here are all my freebies from the month of June that I received in the mail. 
I had 4 days all month where I didn't get something in the mail. 

I got all of these items FREE via mail-in rebate. 
TIP: When I am in the store (no matter which one) I always walk down all of the aisles looking for "Try Me Free" peelies (stickers that you peel off for mail in rebates or coupons). In June General Mills/Fiber One had a great rebate program where you could try all of these products free!

I paid $8.69 for all of these items
They are regularly $62.57
(the Pedia Sure Sidekicks were a free mail in rebate)

Walgreens and Rite-Aid are great stores for getting awesome deals (so is CVS but we don't have them up here). They have Register Reward programs for a lot of their items that you pay cash for and then they give you a voucher to use the same as cash in their store on your next purchase (excluding alcohol and pharmacy). 
The two boxes of fish capsules the kids vitamins were free this way. 
Example: Each of those items cost $10 and then you got a $10 Register Reward back. 
Here is how I bought them:
I bought 1 fish oil and then paid $10 cash and received a $10RR
On my next transaction (TIP: Splitting your purchases into separate transactions is a great way to get more than one of a special deal) I bought the kids vitamins for $10 and paid with my $10RR from the fish oil. I received another $10RR. 
In my third transaction I bought the second fish oil and paid with my $10RR and received another one back. On my fourth transaction I bought everything else and paid with the third $10RR. 
When everything was said and done (after mail in rebate, coupons and RR) I only paid $8.69 out of pocket (I received $10.99 back in rebate money in the mail to cover the initial $10 I paid on my first transaction)

Paid $9.46 when regularly $61.42

Paid $20.98 when regularly was $50.96
These two deals were my favorite from the month!
Partly cuz I liked the make-up and because I made the deals by myself!
I had been using Clinique's Almost Make-up for foundation because I liked the light coverage (so it didn't look clumpy and pastey) plus it has sunscreen protection in it so I never had to smear sunblock on my face. Well, they discontinued it and I was super bummed, til the June P&G (Proctor & Gamble) Brand Saver coupon booklet came out. 

The Venus Razor deal was awesome! 
I had a coupon for BOGO (Buy One Get One) Free that was for buying the cartridges and get the razor for free. 
A BOGO Free CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara
Covergirl products in the store were BOGO 50% Off (paired with two $1/1 coupons)
The Olay Face Wash was on sale for $2.00
And a FREE Olay Body Wash when you buy any Olay face care item coupon
Next came the Register Rewards (I was at Walgreens)
I got a total of $16 back in Register Rewards (for buying covergirl, olay and venus items together at the same time)
Plus Proctor & Gamble had a rebate program in June when you spent $50 (before coupons) on qualifying items then you got $10 in mail in rebate. 
(My total on these items was $60+ before coupons)
Such a great deal getting all that for the cost of one of the mascaras!

Next was the foundation and mascara deal!
Fred Meyer had coupons for spend $10 on Covergirl items and get a free Lash Blast mascara. 
The two foundations were $15.99 and I had one $1/1 coupon left. 
Next, I spotted a Mail in Rebate offer in a magazine that I had for $10 back on $20 worth of Covergirl & Olay items (which the foundations were). So instead of buying a couple eye shadows, I decided to try the foundations instead. 
I did the transaction twice and got two foundations and two mascaras for $20.98 after coupons and rebate. 
I LOVE the foundation! It works just as good as Clinique's did and was WAY more affordable. 
(Plus I traded one of the mascaras to my mom for 3 dozen canning jars!)

Couponing seems daunting and intimidating, but once you get the hang of it you can start making and finding your own deals (then you feel like a rockstar!) Its like a fun game/contest to me to see what I can find in the store for free or on great deals. 
My family is now able to use name brand EVERYTHING (fancy make-up, brand new on the market toothpastes, etc.) for way cheaper than buying generic at Walmart. 

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