Saturday, June 30, 2012


Written on June 15, 2012

Tonight I was lying in bed and was praying/spending time with Jesus. My mind wandered to my brother's upcoming wedding and I remembered my own. I asked Jesus, "Do You ever feel like you missed out on being married?" 

"I am married to the church," He responded matter of factly. 
"I guess You have Holy Spirit too," I replied. 
"And the discples," He nodded. Then He went on to explain how the disciples had provided Him with all of the companionship that He needed while He was on earth and Holy Spirit had provided the intimacy to Him that we feel with our spouse. 

After His explaination of how He had been in relationship with His friends and Holy Spirit, He took me to heaven and showed me something else. He showed me one of His lovers who had just "graduated" to heaven. As they entered into the heavenlies, something happened that I was not expecting. They began to glow, glowing so brightly that I could barely stand to look at them. I looked to Jesus, expecting Him to be glowing more brightly than they were. But to my surprise the glory that He was radiating was reflecting off the person and it was 10 times brighter than He was by Himself. 

In that moment He showed me how when a believer comes into heaven and finally meets Jesus face to face, it is the same as we feel when we see our spouse for the first time on our honeymoon. That moment, the moment that can only happen once on earth, when we are standing before each other naked and pure, the way that God intended for us to be; that moment of fulfillment and knowing that everything you fought for and loved for and believed in was so incredibly worth it. And the moment when you as husband and wife become one for the first time, as incredible and bonding as it is on earth; will not even come close to the way it will feel when you are with Jesus. That moment when we stand face to face with Him, both naked and pure before each other knowing that everything we fought for and loved and believed in was incredibly worth it, we will feel a fulfillment that we never dreamed up or knew on earth.

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