Saturday, June 16, 2012


I picked up a soccer ball for Gabriella at a yard sale last weekend. She loves it! All day long she is constantly asking to go outside and play with her soccer ball.

Showing me her soccer ball
(not bad for $.25!)

We were outside on Friday (Matt was home because he had gotten his wisdom teeth pulled the afternoon before) playing and she started "kicking the ball with two feets". So funny! 
This video is of her kicking the ball with two feet and smelling some flowers. 

As usual, Xander was highly amused by Gabriella's antics

He started getting grumpy later. He's working on getting some chompers in

Xander and daddy fussing because their mouths are hurting. 
Gabriella laughed her head off while we were taking this picture. 
She has been very concerned about daddy's mouth owies and keeps asking him if his mouth is doing okay. 

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