Friday, June 22, 2012

Rehearsal and Dinner

Tomorrow is the "big day" for Jonathan and April so tonight was the rehearsal and dinner.

Typical Oregon weather that we live in, it was blazing hot yesterday and poured rain all day today. They weren't able to get any of their set-up done today and we held rehearsal (for their outdoor wedding) under a couple of easy-up awnings.

Figuring out what they wanted to do

Gabriella and James trying to keep each other warm. 

James got huddled up inside Andy's (the best man) coat to stay warm

April and her dad practicing their walk down

Kids standing in their spot with the bridesmaids

And inside for a yummy dinner! What kid doesn't love fried chicken, pizza and watermelon?! 
Good job on dinner, Gramma!
Here James and Gabriella are sitting with their friend Ila. 
(she loves James!)

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