Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life Lately

Life has been pretty crazy lately, as it always seems to be. Here are a few random pictures of things that we have been up to between doctor's appointments, a yard sale, and couponing!

Ariella has stayed the night one night each of the last two weeks. Gabriella (and we) really enjoys having her around and snuck out of bed last night to snuggle on the couch with her. 

Me and Xander waiting at the hospital for his Upper GI test. He is such a good little trooper!

Barely 7 months old and already pulling himself up onto things constantly!
A couple nights ago I had the kids in the bathtub and Xander had pulled himself up by holding onto the tub ledge (its about 3 inches wide). I had my hand on his elbow so that he didn't slip and fall. He bent his knees, squealed and lunged out of the tub. The only reason that he didn't hit the floor was because his little hip bones barely caught on the tub ledge in the split second it took me to react and grab his arm. So there he was, cute little tooshie and feet up in the air and his head about 6 inches off the bathroom floor. I said, "whoa, bud!" Gabriella laughed and said, "That was crazy!"

Matt gave Xander a piece of licorice to snack on
(something only a daddy would give to a 6 month old)
This picture really shows off the bones in his forehead :(

Such a little snuggle bug!
She loves her stuffed doggy Woof-Woof

Making good use of our double stroller!

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