Friday, June 27, 2014

Seaside and Shipwreck Beach

Our third day of camping we headed in to Seaside for the morning. The kids and Matt rode the carousel (thanks to my motion sickness i have to miss out on things like this :( ) and then we spent a little bit of time walking around the boardwalk and in and out of some little shops and thrift stores.

We ate our picnic lunch in the back of dad's truck (hey, its an easy way to corral the kiddos) and then drove slowly back to camp. We made a few yard sale stops (dad just had to buy the bagpipes and unicycle) and a quick stop at Costco; where we found Matt and Genevieve!  So fun to see them for a few minutes while they were over for the day!

Uncle Matt and Auntie Genevieve! 

Xander snoozed in the car and we decided to head to Shipwreck Beach when we got back to camp.

It was perfect wind for kite flying! Matt and I had a lot of fun flying the two stringed kite! 

As soon as we hit the sand Xander flopped down on it and started playing with the dune buggy (he called it "my jeep") that Grampa had gotten him at a yard sale earlier that afternoon.

Part of the hull of the ship that gave the beach its name. It ran aground in 1906 and depending on the level of the tide you can see quite a bit of the ship sticking out of the sand. 

Me and my love! 

Mom and dad

The tide was coming in slowly. It was so shallow so far out! Gabriella and I are the two people out in the picture. We were out that far and the water wasn't even up to my knees! It was super fun! 

She was loving the sandy water! 

Xander always gets covered in sand when we go to the beach. Gabriella took one look at him and said, "mom, Xander is a sandy monster again!" 

Xander biffed it on ths shipwreck so he needed a few bandaids when we got back to camp. Thankfully this momma remembered to pack a Thomas dvd so he happily watched it while I cleaned up his arm. 

And my two silly kids snuggled up in the same chair when there are 3 others to choose from! I love the way they love each other! 

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