Saturday, October 15, 2011

Corn Maze Fun!

We took Gabriella to the corn maze today. We went to the one in Medford at White's Country Farm. They have a 5 acre corn maze (without scary decorations!) and lots of other fun things to do. Once we got inside  the maze we let her lead the way.

 A video of her trying to find Daddy when he was hiding from her. 

Sticking her finger up Daddy's nose when we tried to take a picture!
 Holding the rock she picked up and carried most of the time! 
 Corn faces!!
Her first pony ride on "Nay Nay" (what she calls horses)

A video of her riding the pony. 

Saying bye-bye to the pony after we got done riding. 

Feeding the goats. They licked her hand and were tickling her. She kept laughing and laughing while she was feeding them!

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