Monday, October 24, 2011

Just a Normal Day

Today was a pretty productive day. I had to wake up Gabriella at 9:45 (score for me!) and then we headed out grocery shopping/errand running after breakfast. Every time I tell her we are getting ready to go she asks, "Doctor, mommy?" We got a lot for prenatal check-ups.

After running errands we come home and change into comfy clothes. Recently she has been hiking her pants up as high as she can and then patting her tummy. Its quite hilarious!

We got some baskets and organized Baby X's dresser. He is well stocked on hats and socks!

After lunch we sorted through Gabriella's big girl clothes. She grabbed the pair of polka-dot shorts ("Oh! Yeyow!") and insisted on wearing them OVER her sweatpants. After we wrestled them on her, she had to pose to send a picture to daddy and grammie.

Dinner ended and we painted her nails. She picked out green and then held them up to show me.

About an hour after dinner she discovered that she still had some rice and spilled milk on her tray (I hadn't gotten to dishes yet). She proceeded to crawl up and slurp every last bit off it.

With her tummy and chest covered in the rice and milk she had just slurped up, we headed for an early bath. We have lots of fun playing in the bathtub. It is one of her favorite things to do.

Just a little video of her playing in the bathtub! I love my silly little girl! We have lots of busy days, chasing each other around the house, and helping each other do chores. But she makes everything lots more fun (even the things that take twice as long because she is "helping" me)!

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