Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treating Downtown

The Grants Pass Shopping Center does a during the day Halloween festival each year. We decided to take Gabriella to it this year since it was at day and less likely to be cold and scary.
The first piece of candy she got was a sucker. Daddy let her try to eat it before she took the wrapper off, Mommy pulled the gooey paper out of her mouth.

Waiting in line to play a couple games at Alberstons. It was right at nap time so she was a little tired. She perked up after her free cookie :)

James was a cute little dinosaur but refused to smile for the camera. It was super hot outside so he soon shed his felt outfit and ran around in just his pants as the strong man!

We made it around to all the stores and then took one last picture of her in her "Red Woof-Woof" costume (she picked it out at the baby store) with mommy.

Literally one minute after we got into the car!

After trick-or-treating we took a nap and then headed over for our annual Soup & Donut party with Matt's family. Matt assumed his tradition role, jungle gym for the kids, and they all had a blast. I missed getting a picture of him with all 4 of the older ones hanging off him!
Everyone loves Uncle Matt!

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  1. Great pic of Matt at the bottom of the pile :D