Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life is Crazy

Things have been kind of crazy lately! We had a second birthday party for Xander (at my parents' house) once everyone was feeling better. He got some more Legos and was super excited for them! He loves to stack things, climb on things and play with cars!

We had another "snow" day and Gabriella went out to play in it. She could only find one glove so daddy gave her an oven mitt to use. What a cutie pie!!

Matt and I were able to cash in on our Christmas present from my parents, free babysitting while we went on a date! Woo hoo! We went on Saturday and saw The Hobbit in 3D! (I of course couponed for it and we only paid $4 total for both of us to watch it, plus we got a dvd copy of Inception).

After Xander's scary allergic reaction to cinnamon a few days after Christmas, I took him yesterday to get allergy tested to see if he had any other allergies.
He tested positive for dog and peanut allergies as well. 
Ugh! So now we have to be super careful about peanut butter. The dr said that he is pretty sure there was some cross contamination in the oatmeal that made Xander have the hives, and that likely there was peanut oil in it. 

The kids and I made a run to Joanns Fabric store. Just for fun. Its fun to get to see new places and things. Plus Gabriella is starting to get into crafts so it is fun to walk around and let her look at everything. 

And finally, all my freebies from the mail in December. I won quite a few sweepstakes and got some awesome stuff! Its always exciting to see what arrives in the mail each day!!

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