Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Xander's 1st Birthday Party

We were going to have a party at my parent's house for Xander, but Matt got a bad cold so we stayed home and had a party with just the four of us.

Opening presents with daddy

Giving kisses to his new "Scare Me Not" monster, Knock-out Ned

He LOVED his Little People talking animal zoo

His cake
(a gluten free black bean cake sweetened with honey from Uncle Steve's honey bees!)

Singing Happy Birthday, blowing out the candles and having a taste!

Xander was very much enjoying dipping the car into the frosting and then licking it off the tires!

Taking a few tastes carefully with his finger

Going for it!!

Gabriella eating with her fingers too


Gabriella's face after finishing her cake

Xander looking at the messy boy in the mirror! 
Time for a bath!!

Building a castle with daddy with Xander's new castle blocks set. 

Such a joy to celebrate a year of life with our little Roo! It's been a year of ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade him for anything (even more sleep!!)

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