Monday, December 16, 2013

Surprise Saturday

Saturday morning we got a phone call from Matt's brother. He said they were coming up for a visit! Woo hoo!!

They got here around 4:30 and everyone was very excited for our impromptu reunion!!

The kids played like little maniacs, it was so cute! The pictures are blurry because they basically had a "wrestling" match for an hour!

Dinner time and everyone sat still for a few minutes while we watched Planes and ate. 

Us girlies!

Xander was ecstatic to have boys around to play with. He followed Hunter and Noah around all night and kept asking Hunter to pick him up and carry him.  Those kids are SO good with my little ones. They are always very sweet and gentle! 

After dinner the boys showed us the weird things they could do with their bodies. 

Noah can suck his stomach in to a ridiculously skinny size! 

And Hunter can stick his hand UNDERNEATH his shoulder blade! 

We got out the Mega Blocks that my brother had given us. It was Xander's first time playing with little legos. 

Gabriella played with them the longest. 

Zac got Matt hooked on Pinterest. They sat next to each other on the love seat laughing their heads off til their phone batteries died. 

Noah giving Josie some snuggles. 

Chloe made cookies. They were delicious!!

When it got closer to bed time we put on a movie and had the kids all come settle down for a bit. 

Xander kept snuggling next to Hunter and wanted to lay down exactly like he was. It was so precious!

Gabriella joined the snuggle pile. 

After the kids went to bed us grown-ups stayed up til midnight chit-chatting (and eating cookies)! They had to leave at 8:30 the next morning to get home but it was so fun to get to see them! It was just the light hearted weekend we needed!

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