Monday, December 23, 2013

Vacation Day 3

Today I wasn't feeling very well (tummy troubles) so we had a slow morning. Mom and I took the kids to town for a couple hours in the afternoon so that Matt and dad could have a "man-date" and watch a movie together.

Jonathan and April came over and stayed for dinner. All of us kids sat at the table and had WAY too much fun laughing and being silly while mom and dad ate at the counter. I sure love my brother (and his awesome wife!!) !!!!

After dinner mom, Matt and I played cards (our favorite activity!) and the kids sat at the table and played with their cards too. We also made popcorn and homemade non-dairy hot chocolate (yummers!).

Headed to bed now and praying my tummy sorts itself out overnight and I feel better in the morning. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!! 

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