Monday, December 2, 2013

Visit with Gramma and Grampa

We had our first visitors from Oregon, mom and dad! Woo hoo!! They got here Friday evening and left Monday morning. It was a short but super fun visit!

Saturday we headed to the local Swap Meet (per dad's request) and mom and the kids and I headed back to the van for a snack after an hour and a half of walking around! Mom was just "a little" hungry!

Then it was off to the zoo. We packed our picnic lunch from home (the thing the kids and I do every week when we go) and walked and ate. 

Watching the sharks swim by

Gramma's new hair!

Gigantic Walrus!

How everyone measures up to a Polar Bear


After seeing most of the animals we headed to the playground part for the kids to play. But I think Grampa and Gramma had fun playing too!

Then we headed out Five Mile Drive and past Fort Nisqually. 

The raccoons come right up to your car and beg for food. Pretty cute except for the fact that they are ruthless scavengers!

Xander was SO tired and crashed out on the way home. 

Mom and dad brought up an organic roast from the longhorn cow they had bought and we threw it in the crockpot in the morning. It was DELICIOUS!!!

Gabriella wanted to do her school work with Gramma. 

Gabriella had been asking for weeks to get to sleep upstairs with Gramma and Grampa when they came up. They were good sports and let her sleep two nights up there with them. 

Sunday morning Matt and Xander and dad headed back to the swap meet. Us girls decided to do a little couponing at Rite-Aid and then hit the mall and the craft store!
We got all this for FREE!!!

Gabriella asked Gramma to do a craft with her so we picked up a couple wooden cut-outs at JoAnn and mom painted them with the kids. 

She did an AMAZING job!

She was so proud of herself and did this all by herself!

Getting to add the second color to his plane. 

The finished plane. 

Monday morning Matt headed back to work and my parents left around 9:30.  
Gramma and Xander getting in some last minute snuggles! 

Gramma and Grampa  left the kids a treat when they left. The kids had a blast playing with their new (to them) Little People toys and organic Bunny Crackers!

We are currently counting down the days til we get to head down to Oregon to spend Christmas at Gramma and Grampa's house!

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