Saturday, May 5, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

When Matt brought home a 3 foot sandwich leftover from work a couple nights ago I was excited that I didn't have to cook dinner! We ate the insides out (meat, cheese and veggies) and were left with a pile of white bread. It felt wasteful just to throw it away, so I stuffed it in a grocery bag in the fridge and we waited for Saturday to arrive.

We headed to the park after a trip to the Grower's Market with Uncle Jonny, Auntie April and cousin James.

Here we are waiting for Uncle Jonny to arrive. He had to run to Safeway to buy a $1 loaf of bread to feed with

Gabriella had never been that close to a duck before (and the Canadian geese were her size!) so she approached them cautiously at first. But pretty soon she was an old pro at throwing them pieces of bread. 

Jonathan was trying to lure one in to get it to eat out of his hand.

James mostly enjoyed chasing the ducks, geese and pigeons. He was being a little boy doing little boy things. It was so cute! He was running around laughing his head off chasing them!

There were a TON of babies there. The kids loved seeing them and they made the cutest little peeping sounds. They spent a lot of time feeding the babies. 

"Come to eat it out of my hand!" She kept saying to them. It was so cute!

April was the only one successful at getting them to eat out of her hand. She did it repeatedly. Here Gabriella is assisting her. 

We had a lot of fun at the park and the weather was beautiful. Xander and I hung out in the sunshine (getting some natural Vitamin D) and staying away from all the ducks and geese (yes, I have a terrible fear of fowl of any kind!). 

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