Saturday, May 19, 2012

Swimming with James

Our dryer died (again) last night and we were blessed with being able to find one quickly for $50 so Matt and Gabriella loaded up in his truck (that we also just got fixed) and headed out to pick it up. It was Gabriella's first time riding in daddy's truck and she was super excited about it!

They made it back in time to hop in the car with me and Xander and head up to the gym to go swimming with Uncle Jonny and cousin James. 

Hanging onto the side of the pool was one of her favorite things to do.

Trying out the kickboard. 

The kids had great fun using the water weights as floaties. James was swimming all around with his but Gabriella preferred  to be held still with hers. 

They also wanted to try out the life jackets. Here she is again, hanging onto the side of the pool. 

James was fearless in the water. He jumped right in and paddled all around with his life jacket on. He also drug Jonathan into the bigger (and colder) pool several times. It was super fun to go and spend the morning getting some fun exercise and watching the kids have so much fun together!

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