Friday, May 18, 2012

Springtime Fun

We've been having some fun playing outside the last few days. The sun has been out and the weather warm so we are sporting shorts and our white legs!
For Mother's Day Gabriella and I picked out some plants to plant in the yard. Here she is helping daddy dig holes for them. 

We took Xander's saucer outside and he was loving it. In this picture he is watching me run the lawnmower. He was fascinated by it and wasn't scared at all. 

My rose bushes!!
(I know I need to weed)

Watering the grass. 

Watching Gabriella water the grass. 

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  1. Joshua Loved loud things when he was little. If it was a noise that would sent other kids running and crying you could bet he would be toddling off to find the source! Motorcycles, trucks, chainsaws...

    Your kids are sure cute! I love Xanders grin