Friday, September 7, 2012

Vacation Day 2

We let the kiddos sleep in on Sunday morning and left for Seattle at 10.

We got to Seattle Pacific University first. It was so fun to walk around the campus and have some good memories and laughs. I was bummed the shellhouse wasn't open, but that's okay.

The dock where we launched our boats every morning. 

Cheesy picture in front of the school's sign. 

Matt helping Gabriella peek into the shellhouse. She just said, "ooooooooh!" a lot while looking in. 

After the campus tour we headed over to Freemont for the Freemont Sunday Market. Matt and Gabriella tried a Bacon Peanut Butter cookie. And then Gabriella insisted she had to go potty so we used the grossest bathroom EVER!

Funny faces in the bathroom mirror

We headed up the road a couple blocks and had a gluten-free and vegan snack at the Flying Apron. 
I was loving my hemp milk mocha!!

Gabriella drinking my mocha

Nursing break again!

Xander giving Victory kisses. 

Victory kissing him back
(PS. I LOVE his hair in this picture!)

We headed downtown next and stopped in at Chipotle for lunch. 

"This is just my chip with abocado on it!"

Headed down to Pike's Market after getting my free spice jar (with a coupon) from Penzy's Spice.

My two favorite guys! 

Gabriella crashed out! She was so tired!

Crazy street musician. He was hula-hooping, playing a harmonica/singing, playing guitar and had bells and bamboo on his feet making noise. Later on he balanced the guitar on his chin with NO HANDS! It was crazy cool!

After Seattle we headed back to Tacoma and made a stop at the SouthSide Mall. I needed some Jamba Juice ;)

Xander loved sharing the carrot juice mango orange smoothie that I got.  

                                              Gabriella horsing around in the car while I fed Xander!

We had a great day in Seattle and finished it off in Tacoma where Ryan made some more amazing French Fries! Yummmmmm!!

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