Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creative Little Munchie

My daughter is quite creative and a good problem solver. It is great fun to watch her playing imaginary things and getting creative with her toys.

We have a gazebo type thing outside on our back deck (I don't know what its called! It was there when we moved in!). It has some strings that hang down from the roll out shades on the sides of it. And I tie rope between the poles for clotheslines in the summer.

Gabriella was outside playing and I spotted her out the window while I was washing dishes. She had made a swing for her doggy!

Very pleased with herself. She kept saying, "my doggy is just swinging!"

I was pretty impressed since she had done this without anyone suggesting it or showing it to her. 

A week later I caught her outside swinging on the swing herself!

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  1. So cute!! Such busy little minds they have, these kids of ours :)