Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life As We Know It

Things have been busy the last 10 days. It seems like we have been in a whirlwind. School, doctor's appointments, cleaning/reorganizing, etc. Here are a few of the things that we have been up to in the last 10 days.

Gabriella has insisted lately on having 30+ stuffed animals on her bed at night when she goes to sleep (no, I am not exaggerating!)
Plus Josie is in there under her hand!

We got Gabriella hooked on superhero movies. Here she is snuggled up with Daddy watching The Avengers. She likes to call it "the Captin Merica movie!" and asks to watch it at least twice a day. 

James shooting a BB gun at gramma and grampa's house

Gabriella getting ready to shoot the BB gun for the first time. 

"Mommy, I just am stuck!"

We went couponing a few times. Gabriella is my little helper. In this picture she had every single bag around her wrist in the cart!

We moved a bookshelf full of food from the livingroom into the laundry room. Gabriella moved the entire shelf (minus the cereal boxes) by herself, one trip at a time in her little plastic shopping cart she got from gramma. She thought it was the coolest thing ever!

We took a trip to Home Depot for some DIY supplies. Here the kiddos are driving the shopping cart. 

Matt waiting for the saw guy to come cut our shelf the right size. 

Free Coffee Day!
Thanks, Dutch Bros!!

Here is our livingroom corner before we rearranged it. 

Xander helping daddy with the level

Here's when we finished for the day. We hung and painted the shelf and put all our electronics on it. We mounted the tv to a wall hanger. I repainted the bookshelf from brown to black. We still have a few things left to do (cover the cords, fill the bookshelf, etc) but we are super happy with our work. 

Gabriella used her birthday money from great gramma and great grampa to buy this Dora doll off the clearance rack at Walmart. She was SO happy and carried it all throughout the store. She sleeps with it every night. 

Fun with some Tinkerbell temporary tattoos. 

Matt and I played a mega WOW card game after church. Mom watched the kiddos so we could play a whole game through without being interrupted. It was so fun! We even got Ariella to play at the end. 

Xander and Gramma having a late Sunday afternoon nap. 
I loved how comfortable he looked, all crashed out on her!

Gabriella being silly in the cars at gramma's. 

Xander riding in the car by himself for the first time. He thought he was pretty big stuff!

Xander's favorite toy in the bathtub is a squirty octopus. He likes to put the head in his mouth and chew on it. Its quite hilarious!

Xander picked out a new shirt for daddy. 
I felt like this was an appropriate son to father gift!

Well, that's just a few of the things we have been up to in the last 10 days! 

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