Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

My mom's class (Kindergarten) went on a field trip to a local 8 acre corn maze and pumpkin patch. Preschool through 3rd grade was going so we got to join them all.

The corn stalks were SO tall! 

"I don't know where to go!"

Phew! We made it out!

Time for a snack. 

Gabriella playing with the other kids in the little maze made out of hay bales. It was so cute and the kids had so much fun running around in it. 
Gabriella said, "I have fun running in the hay and I run all the way out of the hay!"

Xander playing in the hay maze

Gabriella made a friend on top of the hay bale pile

Picking out which pumpkin she wanted from the pumpkin patch. 
The kids were allowed to take one pumpkin as long as they could carry it. Some of the 3rd grade boys were carrying some HUGE pumpkins out of there!

We found a pumpkin that was Xander's size and he could carry it!

"I pick this one and I'm going to eat it for dinner!"

They shot their pumpkin cannon, The Punkin Chunker. They shot the school buses and shot a pumpkin so far that it hit the tree line in the background. It was crazy!

At home we got a picture of them with their pumpkins. 

Of course Xander's went straight into his mouth

Gabriella tried to chew on hers too but she bonked her mouth on it. In this picture she is saying, "Ow, I bonked my teethers!"

We had SO much fun! Thanks to Fort Vannoy Farms and to Vineyard Christian School!!

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