Sunday, October 14, 2012

"I Lost All My Friends and Cousins!"

We had a lot of fun playing with cousins this weekend and Gabriella was very sad to go home to our house each night.

Playing Potato Heads with Auntie April

Emma reading books to Gabriella. It was so cute!

Building towers with Emma and Dillon. 

We headed home Friday night after dinner and a full house at my parents house. The whole way home Gabriella jabbered about how much fun she had with her friends and cousins. 

Saturday morning she woke up and came out to Matt with a pouty face. She held out her hands and said, "I lost all my friends and cousins!"

She was super happy when we headed back out with our crockpot full of soup for dinner Saturday night. 
Trying to get a picture with cousin Reilly. 

He was sleepy and wasn't so amused by his mommy's funny faces. Gabriella thought they were hilarious and Xander was a little weirded out by them!

After dinner we went for a ride in Uncle Jonny's go-kart. 
Gabriella said she needed earmuffs cuz it was too loud and she cried the entire time we were in it. 
She said, "I have fun in the go-kart but I not want to go again. It is TOO loud!"

Xander for a ride with Uncle Jonny

I love how everything is blurry except Xander's face!

The Grants Pass Pharmacy gets in black licorice ice cream once a year for Halloween. Jonathan bought a dish of it and brought it to mom's. Everyone (except me and Matt) had a bite. 

Jonathan, Sarah and Aunt Linda showing off their black teeth. Uncle Lowell refused to show his!

Gabriella thought it was hilarious!

Black tongues with Gramma!

Xander's hands are SO big already!

Auntie April was knitting and Gabriella came running up and said, "I need some pokey things so I ca knit a scarf too!" We got her a couple crochet hooks and she sat next to April for at least 20 minutes playing with a piece of yarn and the hooks. It was so cute!!

We had a fun weekend and it was great to see my cousin Sarah and Reilly and Aunt Linda! 

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  1. How cute! I love the "lost" cousins and friends lol!