Sunday, October 21, 2012

James's 5th Birthday Party

Friday night we celebrated James's 5th birthday (his actual birthday is Tuesday). All of us were there, plus Gramma and Grampa, Susan & Gordon (April's parents), Hannah (April's sister), and my sister's boyfriend and his kiddos. We had a full house!!

All his presents. He is holding up his hand to show how old he is. 

Gabriella gave Great Grampa some tissue paper and he was pretending that it was his shirt. 

Opening presents

My parents couch was full!

Xander and Gramma

Pile of wrapping paper after all the presents were opened. 

"Is it time to sing the Happy Birthday To You song?"

Susan & Hannah made an awesome Lego cake for James

Blowing out the candles

All the spit on the top Lego after he blew out the candles!

All the kids enjoying their Lego cake and ice cream

"I put my ice cream in my mouth right here!"

Birthday boy giving Xander a ride around the house

Jonathan working to put the X-Man Helicopter Lego Set together. James got a TON of Lego sets. Jonathan said they were up til almost midnight putting them together. 

We had a great party. Its so fun to watch all the kids playing together and to have some great chit-chat with the grown-ups. 

I love my family & the Nolans!

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