Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday Fun Day

We woke up early Saturday morning to go to Medford and see the new Trader Joe's store that opened on Friday! Woo hoo!! We (well, us ladies at least) were very excited!!
Everyone was sleepy and wanted to stay snuggled with daddy on the couch

Trader Joe's had cute little kid sized shopping carts. Gabriella was having a blast with hers!

Looks like Gramma found some good deals and filled her cart up fast

April finally got to push the kid cart!

James and Gabriella snuggled up in Grampa's vest outside because it was so chilly!!

We browsed through REI. The kids were having fun running behind the sleeping bag display. If you look closely you can see two little pairs of feet. 

Toys R Us was having a Free Lego Building Day so we stopped in. The kids got to build a creation and take it home with them. 

Gabriella showing off her house-car and the certificate she got for building. 

My couponing deals from Winco, Dollar Tree and Harbor Freight
($12.35 for everything!)

After Medford we rushed home, tossed our groceries in the house, grabbed the crockpot and headed to April's parents's house for pumpkin carving and dinner.

James and Jonathan

Gabriella helping me trace on the design

April gutting her pumpkin

James got bored pretty quickly

Everyone working hard

Gordon and Xander playing drums on the extra pumpkin

Hannah was an extreme pumpkin carver!!

Me and Xander after dinner
(Dinner was delicious!! We had roast, chicken, potatoes, roasted veggies, rice, bone shaped biscuits and apple cider!)

After dinner James and Gabriella had fun poking at my pumpkin with the carving knives. 

All the pumpkins in the bathroom after we were finished. 

The one Munchie and I did.

Jonathan made caramel apples and we took one home with us for Gabriella. She insisted on eating it in the bathtub. Score for me, one less mess to clean up!!

All in all it was a BLAST of a day!!

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